Shake off the Fatigue the Tropical Thrill Way.

WP_20141130_129 Everyone has reached a point where they are almost bending, not with age, that’s irreversable, but with fatigue. Yet people do many things i shall not mention to try get rid of it. My advice is if you come fron the tropical region, wallow yourself in the most virgin part of it. WP_20141130_129 There you can let it all out in the most appropriate way you find fit for you. For instance, I find waterfalls really fit when I’m with company so that when I scream or shout it all out, no one complains. Believe me you don’t want me to shout around you. But when I just want the insight, or the meditation, the woods are the best place to be. Just sit down and listen without expecting to here any specific thing. Let the world around surprise and believe me you it will not let you down.

A moment of silence.
A moment of silence.


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