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Make sure you cement your relationship every now and then

beautiful-embracing-lovers-13044915Embrace it with a kiss

And a matching bliss

For if together we combine

We shall forever be fine.




Happy Daddy’s Day dear Paps in Heaven. Sure miss You!!!

Ever since that fateful day,

It has been tough,

altAhi5lQ8AKaPE6DSYGThukuPf2JrcnYqzM-W5apvzbU7tBut you always looked out for us,

For you sure are a Dad to many,

And we thank you for it,

’cause every time I get stuck,

And think of you,

I feel comfort and reassurance,

Many (women, men, brothers and sisters)

Try to step in your place,

They try, yes, but you were so big to replace,

But I wanna thank them for it,

And wish them a Happy Daddy’s Day too,

’cause like you, they are awesome at it, too.

Love you Dad,

Love you all.