Isolative Limitation

They make a fuss about how the ‘helter skelterness’ of today’s life has made us put aside less and less time for retrospect and meditation. Well, I might be one of the few people left across the street because I feel I’ve got too much of that time, I might go crazy.

Look, a human mind is the greatest expanse of creativity and the space to effectively execute it. All you need is to feed it with exposure to just any piece of diverse information, and time to develop the ideas or fantasies or whatever you want to name the products of the mind’s creativity.

Over time of retrospect (Yeah, I’m a member), I’ve come to realize that, yes, it helps build ideas andCute Champagne Gift Tags its the breeding ground for creative writing (actually, I’m pretty locked up right now, in my room, as I write this) but, this ideas need you to come out of this isolation in order to attain the execution state. It’s like shaking the champagne bottle and fail to tamper with the cap. It shall not gush out in that awesome magical way you all shall be waiting for. Unless, well, you shake too hard. And trust me, neither you nor your friends shall enjoy the results.

So meditation, isolation, retrospect…they are all good ways to stir up our upstairs. But guys, hanging out, partying, socializing and a little bit of noise and ‘helter skelterness’ helps in making the ideas gain wheels and roll.


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