Life’s a choker. Here is yours. It’s loaded with a hierarchical tree of problems. One leads to three more hybrids. You can’t handle it anymore. Not surprising, you are just a man. So you decide to cross the borders. It’s called thinking out of the box. Find the perfect half. Yin and Yang. And boom! Here she is! Anything and everything in one package. She’s a goddess. Why so?

Chrysler Group
Men, her waist’s almost as thin as her neck. Her body is like a majestic glossy Chrysler and her heart like its shiny 6.2 litter engine. Spreading love and affection everywhere. She is wiser than Socrates, but with no books to show of it. Every problem has a solution to her and every solution its own problem (most women don’t realize there’s a difference between the two). She is down to earth irresistible.
So, soon enough you guys are as committed to each other as a lazy man to his bed. Then one day, when you are at the deepest part of the shaft of companionship, you realize not only did she add your problems to hers, but also hers to yours. Boy, you don’t want to hear the list of hers. You’ll drop dead and never love.


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