A tribute my sister and I wrote for our Mum’s funeral. It still gets to me.


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A promise of a better tomorrow,
You so held up a strength unknown,
And taught the meaning of a smile,
And even in hurt, for you we still smile.

Everything of you is in another word strength,
For you are the foundation of who we are,
Your love had no definite breadth,
Giving us no reason to fear.

It’s painful, but am glad you are not in pain again,
And all the sad days are over and gone,
That now you are one of the saints,
And to heaven you so have flown.

Continue with your sweet care for us dear mum,
Now that you are with Dad and God,
May you look at us, smile and hum,
And all our troubles be cleared abroad.

Although we are in tears and hurting hearts,
We love you so much our dear mother,
And even though we are physically apart,
You will forever be part of us. Ever.
We love you Mum.
Rest in Eternal peace Mum


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