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Writing Futuristic Sci-Fi Detective Stories

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A few weeks ago, I was watching an “Andromeda” DVD, when I suddenly noticed that the episode that I was watching contained one of my favourite types of sci-fi storyline.

I am, of course, talking about sci-fi detective stories.

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Happy Daddy’s Day dear Paps in Heaven. Sure miss You!!!

Ever since that fateful day,

It has been tough,

altAhi5lQ8AKaPE6DSYGThukuPf2JrcnYqzM-W5apvzbU7tBut you always looked out for us,

For you sure are a Dad to many,

And we thank you for it,

’cause every time I get stuck,

And think of you,

I feel comfort and reassurance,

Many (women, men, brothers and sisters)

Try to step in your place,

They try, yes, but you were so big to replace,

But I wanna thank them for it,

And wish them a Happy Daddy’s Day too,

’cause like you, they are awesome at it, too.

Love you Dad,

Love you all.

Imperfect Love,

And I felt like crying
Without hurting my feelings
But I realized
Feelings are expressed
So I wrote this

Don’t brag-
Literally, you aint perfect
And I peeped into my heart
Figured out, your mistakes
Make you perfect to me

For your imperfections-
Make us alike, equal-
And here is the feeling-
They call it LOVE
For us, however
I don’t wanna name it,
Understand it, neither
I want it the way it is-