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How to get Creative.

images_034Whenever I think of creativity one thing precedes it in my thoughts, an open mind. There should be flow of all kinds of ideas in and out of a mind just like traffic in a round about. Odd ones like designing a house of plastic bottles, extreme ones like condensing room-size vacuum pumps and transistors into a microchip, simple ones, in quotes, like writing a book or article. It’s what you feed your mind that makes the difference. GIGO. Garbage In Garbage Out.

  • 1780898_604223762959754_1013405019_nA writer said she reads the kind of books she wanna write.
  • An artist confessed he looks around and gets insight from what he sees.

Creativity is stained. You have to know something to come up with another. So get out there and know something first.


Shake the Fatigue Off the Tropical Trill Way.

WP_20141221_197If you are from the tropical region, lucky you. Either you’ve had a slice of the experience or it would be easy to access one. If you are not from the tropical region, I watch enough TV to know each part of the planet has it’s own share of virgin nature.

Yours is to visit this places. It’s healthy, nourishing and once you are out, camping or just hiking, to the silence or thundering wild, you can let it out through various of ways. Take for instance myself. My choice of retreat while I’m not alone are waterfalls. The thundering splash of water creats such a nice backround noise that facilitates my increasing urge to scream my lungs out. Simply because I hate the way I scream and shout, and people are likely to dislike it more, no one has to here me do it. Guys, shouting lessens your soul and makes you feel awesome and young. It gives you the sense of ‘I can do what I want when I goddamn want to, and be proud of it’. So keep shouting…

The woods are for the often times when I’m alone. If you don’t believe nature whispers visit the woods and hush. Simply listen without having a specific thing to listen to. Let it surprise you. And learn to keep your mind open when you are at it. That’s how I get insight and spiritual nourishment.

Imagine yourself treading over this huge rocks, streams of cool mountain waters slithering below you. It's already thrilling.

Imagine yourself treading over this huge rocks, streams of cool mountain waters slithering below you. It’s already thrilling.

And then there were three (NYNs)… Do you find plot more difficult than character? Plus the midpoint of Blade Runner

Been looking forward for the book. Finally its here. Thanks #Roz.

Nail Your Novel

SONY DSCPhew, the plot book is ready. It seems to have taken a marathon of effort; much longer than the characters book. So much that I’m wondering if this tells me something about the nature of plot.

In writing the book, I’ve been pinning down the ultimate essentials – what a plot is, what it needs – whether you’re a genre author, a literary author, or anywhere on the spectrum between the two. Indeed, if you want to defy convention, are there some story and plot principles that still hold? I found there were. I also found that even an apparently loosely structured book followed a few simple patterns.

But honestly, Roz, you’ve been promising this book for most of the year.

Yeah, why did it take me so much longer than characters? As I wrote up the tutorials – starting from blogposts and mentoring notes – I found that each…

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