Urban Design: My Poetry Flow – My New Poetry Collection – ‘Soul To Soul’

A lady with words as penetrating to the soul as a morning breeze to the skin.

Time is Money

It’s been a long time since I’ve written some new poetry, so I have decided to start a new poetry collection that follows from my first. I hope you like the new work and feedback is always welcome.

You think you are connected,

Respected as a fellow beating heart with a character less expected,

But in your character it’s reflected that the connection was fabricated,

At my highest you made me feel elevated and in my mind I created a false reality,

On the surface you created the perfect balance for me,

Yet now it’s clear to see my mind played tricks on me and now I understand what you really mean,

It’s one thing to dream such themes of love and happiness,

But wide awake it’s the furthest thing from reach,

Match makers preach positivity that doesn’t relate to me,

Sheltered by a different kind of shell I yearn…

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