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Time is Money

T K Williams-Nelson T K Williams-Nelson

T K Williams-Nelson T K Williams-Nelson

T K Williams-Nelson T K Williams-Nelson

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Urban Design: My Poetry Flow – My New Poetry Collection – ‘Soul To Soul’

A lady with words as penetrating to the soul as a morning breeze to the skin.

Time is Money

It’s been a long time since I’ve written some new poetry, so I have decided to start a new poetry collection that follows from my first. I hope you like the new work and feedback is always welcome.

You think you are connected,

Respected as a fellow beating heart with a character less expected,

But in your character it’s reflected that the connection was fabricated,

At my highest you made me feel elevated and in my mind I created a false reality,

On the surface you created the perfect balance for me,

Yet now it’s clear to see my mind played tricks on me and now I understand what you really mean,

It’s one thing to dream such themes of love and happiness,

But wide awake it’s the furthest thing from reach,

Match makers preach positivity that doesn’t relate to me,

Sheltered by a different kind of shell I yearn…

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Novels aren’t movies – how to write great description in prose

Thanks to Riz Morris….

Nail Your Novel

5825834776_163ed4881c_bDo you learn your storytelling from movies as much as from prose? Many of us do. While certain principles can be learned well from both media, others can’t.
I’ve already discussed a few points in previous posts – scenes with a lot of characters, short, choppy scenes and point of view and dialogue. Today I’m going to look at description.

Description in prose aims to give the reader an experience. It fills in the specifics. Description in scripts or screenplays – and novels by writers who don’t read a lot of prose – is often labels or generics. Let me show you what I mean.

The writer who is more tuned to movies might describe ‘1970s furniture’, or ‘a battered car’. But a great description in prose will talk about the chair shaped like a giant egg, the Toyota with a mismatched door and an unlevel fender.


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Character profile: Lord Knight Elendir (Peers of Beinan)

Laurel A. Rockefeller Books

Personal heraldry for Lord Knight Elendir

Character name:  Lord Knight Elendir of house Ten-Ar

Parents: Lord Healer Devon of house Ten-Ar, Lady Healer Keelia of house Ten-Ar

Date of Birth: BE 6767, beinor 50

Place of Birth:  An-Men Ten-Ar Healing Center in the capital city of Hejing

Books appearing in: The Great Succession Crisis (prologue only), The Ghosts of the Past (central character), Princess Anyu Returns (central character)

Profile: a flawed hero, we first meet Elendir just shir-ors after his birth.  After losing first his father, then his mother to terrorist attacks, Elendir grows up in the Ten-Arian monastery, ever watchful of his younger sister, Althea who is brought up along a similar path among the healers of house Ten-Ar.

As a young man, Elendir finds himself vulnerable to his hormones, easily manipulated by shrewd and intelligent women bent on distracting Elendir from his quest to solve the mystery…

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Read about the results of faulty motherhood in the new poetry ‘The New Way To Love’


Give me the chance,
To hate you at least,
For you denied me even,
Milk from your breast.

The word love to you,
Starts from back face front,
And its meaning as it sounds,
Which you executed to the font.

The last person to expect,
Became the first,
To show me neglect,
And hatred as much.

Now that I’ve sired one,
Show me how not to neglect,
As if it were literally,
The contemporary way to love.

@jeff_martin @SuzanneBrazil Check out my new poem “Lesson Learnt” #amwriting


Should I dust myself,
Before I fall?
Is there anything in life,
That make sense at all?

And when I tried to think,
Like a wise man does,
There I began to sink,
As it goes with a curse.

Time passed by,
And behind me a trail of years,
In more knowledge I fly,
But inadecuacy is what it bears.

To know more than they do,
Has always been my core,
And when I have, in due,
They’ve learned something more.

So the decision I make,
Is that a Know-it-all,
Is one word short,
Of knowing nothing at all.

But at least,
I know that now.